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We are the world’s preeminent source for all things regarding Cryptocurrency including news, media, networking and ICO’s. We are the pioneers; the leaders in the decentralized revolution. We strive to constantly provide you with the most up to date information so you can remain on the intellectual forefront of all things cryptocurrency. Not only do we provide you the news, but we also provide a social platform where you or anyone can connect with like minded cryptocurrency experts, engineers, and newcomers alike. Our mission is to provide you with a space where you can find and do everything you need in one spot. Which is why we have also chosen to provide you with your very own wallet, trade platform, and ICO discovery center. We are the world’s first social news network; we are the revolution.


Why we’re here


We’re here to help you LEARN, EARN, and THRIVE. We want you, whoever you are, to have the same knowledge and opportunities as seasoned blockchain users. Our goal is to empower the people of the world with the ability to navigate the digital finance age. We believe everyone should have a limitless equal opportunity platform for sharing their thoughts, ideas and even get paid to do so. We want you to thrive here in the Cryptochats community, because that’s what we are; a community. We’re a passionate community that’s eager to educate society about cryptocurrencies and all applications of blockchain technology. We’re here to build the future.


Who we are


Together we are a vast and diverse community of people that all have one thing in common: A passion for innovation. Our home team is comprised trained professionals, students, tech geniuses and people who acquired unreplicatable expertise through life. But in truth, we are people who are very much like you. We were all once ignorant to the existence of cryptocurrencies and blockchain tech, just like you once were. Yet now we are aware of the possibilities it holds, which is why we strive to provide you with the best data and information we can to help you along your crypto journey.


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